The Illuminated Stitch
Land Divided by Law is available in paper and electronic formats at, Quid Pro Books, and other leading sites.
The Illuminatrix is available at, Quid Pro Books, and other leading sites.
Barbara Leibhardt Wester is a textile artist, lawyer, and historian whose work explores how the margins between things that are separate erode, shift, and change over time.

Her interest in how different cultures compete and cooperate in using shared natural resources and political power has resulted in Land Divided by Law (Quid Pro Books, 2014) and a book of fiction, The Illuminatrix (Quid Pro Books, 2012)Examining intersecting and eroding cultural margins and surfaces has been the inspiration for her constructed and deconstructed textiles.

What we create illuminates who we are.
Grief is heading to Virginia for the Sacred Threads 2015 Exhibition

This month Grief will be on view at the 2015 Sacred Threads Quilt Exhibition, which will be held July 10 - July 26, at Floris United Methodist Church, 13600 Frying Pan Road, Herndon, Virginia.  Two years ago I was honored to have my quilt in memory of my friend Polly Ullrich selected for Sacred Thread's last exhibition in 2013.
Blessings Not Just for the Ones who Kneel, Five Textiles
During the month of July, I will be exhibiting five textiles in the gallery at Sip Coffeehouse, 1223 W. Grand Ave., in Chicago.  

Evoking the Tibetan prayer flags which inspired them, this grouping of five panels sends prayers of compassion and peace into the universe as the wind stirs the fabrics into movement.  Four panels are made from hand-dyed linen, cotton, and silk vintage textiles that belonged to my mother and grandmothers.  The fifth panel is depicted below and is comprised of hand stitched batik cotton fabrics.  

The textiles in this series link the past to the present and invite us to reimagine ourselves and our world.

Sip is open everyday.

At right, detail from Maroon with Pink Square, 30 x 62", hand dyed, hand stitched linen, cotton, and silk, with glass beads.
Selves and Other Icons
This is the central panel of the five textiles grouped together in Blessings for the Ones Who Kneel.   

This piece is made of hand stitched batik fabrics which depict images that we hold of ourselves and others, real and imagined, and the power within each of us to transform ourselves and the world.

Dimensions:  33 x 43", cotton fabrics, silk and cotton threads.