The Illuminated Stitch
Land Divided by Law is available in paper and electronic formats at, Quid Pro Books, and other leading sites.
The Illuminatrix is available at, Quid Pro Books, and other leading sites.
Barbara Leibhardt Wester is a textile artist, lawyer, and historian whose work explores how the margins between things that are separate erode, shift, and change over time.

Her interest in how different cultures compete and cooperate in using shared natural resources and political power has resulted in Land Divided by Law (Quid Pro Books, 2014) and a book of fiction, The Illuminatrix (Quid Pro Books, 2012)Examining intersecting and eroding cultural margins and surfaces has been the inspiration for her constructed and deconstructed textiles.

What we create illuminates who we are.
August is for Asphalt!

The oiled, painted, cracked, repaired, and eroding surfaces of asphalt are a marker of human presence, time passing, and impermanence. Rendered within photographic frames, these surfaces are tiny worlds within worlds; rich ground for the meanings one mines in the abstract. 

Recall, for example, AIC's beautiful 2013 "Irving Penn: Underfoot," exhibit of the photographer's perspective-altering views of Manhattan street detritus. Or John Cage's revelation that the pavement under his feet became of interest after he'd seen Mark Tobey's all-over paintings; another affirmation of Cage's exploration of the minutiae of the everyday as the path of spiritual awakening. 

Over the last few years I've found a great deal of inspiration for textile work in studying street surfaces.  This month presents an opportunity to take and post a new photograph every day.

Within, Cincinnati, August 16, 2015, 10:58 am